Nied's Hotel : In 1941 Paul Nied, entrepreneur, father, and husband bought a small yet charming old brick building on Butler Street, in a section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania known as Lawrenceville. It was, as it is today, known as Nied’s Hotel. Read More

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday : 7 AM to Midnight
Saturday : 7 AM to Close (Depends on band)
Sunday : Closed

Reservations, not necessary.

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This Saturday – JJF at the Amphitheater

JJFBannerVerticalThis Saturday at the Nied’s Hotel Amphitheater, playing from 7pm to 10 pm, Jumpin Jack Flash will be rockin the stage!  Come on down to hear your favorite “Rolling Stones” tunes.  For over fourteen years, JJF has entertained thousands – young and old alike – performing at top music venues across Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio. With always musically faithful renditions of the Stones’ prolific catalog spanning five decades, JJF delivers the raw power, energy, and fun of the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band. This is a night you won’t want to miss!

Friday Night – Texas Tex !

This Friday, July 21st, Texas Tex and the Honky Tonk Project will be playing inside at Nied’s Hotel.  The group goes on at 8 pm.  It is time to get out the “Beaver-fur 10 gallon” hats, your best dancin’ boots, and favorite pair of dungarees.  We will be waltzin’, two-steppin’, and maybe a little line dancin”!  Come on down, Pardners! We may be from the city, but Friday we are gonna show ‘em how us “city-folk” can GO COUNTRY!

Shot O’ Soul – This Saturday!

Are you ready to party?  Shot O’ Soul will be playing at the Nied’s Hotel Amphitheater on July 22nd!  The band will be playing from 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm.  Shot O’ Soul delivers an action packed BLUES SHOW with tremendous vocals and great instrumentation.


“The Best Blues in the ‘Burgh can be found right here in Lawrenceville.  Shot O Soul’s dynamic and soulful performance is a real crowd pleaser and continues to pack the place wherever they perform.  Lead singers Jimmy and Jeannie light up the stage and are backed by some of the most accomplished musicians in town.  If you like Blues, you’ll love Shot O Soul! “-  Jim Nied

July 15th Event – Help Us Out!

Fun fact of the day: There are more than 500 million retired cell phones scattered around homes in the United States. Unlike most retirees, however, they’re not playing golf and visiting the grandkids; these retired phones are probably just taking up space in kitchen junk drawers or being given to toddlers to smear peanut butter on.

What you may not realize is that these old and outdated phones could be serving a higher purpose—by recycling them, you could help survivors of domestic violence.

To donate your unused phones just deposit them in a container that will be supplied at this event. If you have accessories…you can put into a baggie to keep them together. You don’t need to erase the data from your old device before sending—if refurbished, the item’s software is replaced with new software which will completely wipe clean any stored information from your device.

Sing to Stop Domestic Violence

sing to stop - jul15If you can’t wait for this Extravaganza Event with one of the greatest causes to support, then you need to know some history of it’s making.  The story below is told by the Facebook Administrator for Nied’s Hotel, James Buckley.  Nied’s Hotel is always excited to bring talented entertainment to it’s venue, but when it can be associated to a cause of this magnitude, these people below are always ready to help out!  This is an all day event and has some of Pittsburgh’s best local entertainment

How did “Sing to Stop Domestic Violence” get started. The story as I best as I can recall. I asked Jim Nied if he would be interested in doing a female concert of some sort. We arranged a meeting with good friend Slim Forsythe and the three of us talked about my idea….it turned into a benefit from our conversation and I believe Slim mentioned domestic violence . we all agreed that this would be perfect. While deciding when we would have this Jim told us that the Iron City Slickers were booked on July 15th and we thought that would be a good day to do it culminating in the Slickers show at 7pm.
I told Jim that I would probably be doing sound for the Slickers that night anyway and the idea was brought up to ask if they would donate their PA for the day.
Jimmy said I should give John Vento a call about The Angels, who, led by Trisha Higgins helped with benefits with the Nied’s Hotel Band….a meeting was arranged with all of us and everything was agreed to move forward….Having Trisha and her own experience with domestic violence was a huge win for the event. Having someone like that and the rest of the Angels would give us awesome support to pull this off.
Next, I started contacting performers who might be available and I specifically wanted women to be the stars and it didn’t take long to fill the lineup. Hats off to all of those who stepped up to perform for this…the response was quick and enthusiastic…I had so many that I couldn’t get all who responded to participate. I ran out of stage time… some had other commitments but the response was enormous. This is when I realized, for sure, that this was meant to be.
I could go on and on about all the other groups, people and organizations that jumped on this bus of ours for this journey to help those who feel helpless but they should know that they are hugely appreciated by myself and all of us. We have become a family of sorts in this crusade. And many thanks to my family for supporting my involvement in this as, I believe, is one of my purposes on this earth. To help spread love and care among my brothers and sisters. Peace to all and prayers for a great day on July 15th, 2017.


If you want to see the schedule for this event, check out the Facebook page for the event.  It is really easy, just “click here”!

Saturday July 8, 2017

This Saturday live at the Nied’s Hotel Amphitheater, is the Jimmy Adler Band. 

Playing original blues music that is steeped in the traditions of Chicago Blues, West-Coast Jazzy Jump, and other Americana traditions.  Jimmy’s guitar style features a blend of clean fat tones and raunchy slide guitar.

Friday July 7, 2017

This Friday Night, check out Nied’s Hotel at Sutton and Barath will be on hand.  These two will be bringing some Traditional and Original Roots and Blues!  Show starts at 8 pm.

Happy Birthday America!


This Friday – June 23rd

ron and the rumpshakersJim Nied and the Nied’s Hotel are ecstatic to invite you to a Friday Night Show!  Live at the Nied’s Hotel Amphitheater will be “Ron and the Rumpshakers!  This group plays “Blues and Soul” which will get you up and have your body “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”!  The band plays from 8 pm – 11 pm.  Come on out and enjoy a refreshing beverage and listen to the entertainment, at one of Lawrenceville’s hottest entertainment venues!  If you want to preview some of the band’s music, check them out at their website!  There are different songs on each of their pages. Click Here!



Sat. June 24th – The NAMESAKE Returns!

The Namesake returns on Saturday June 24th at Nied’s Hotel! That’s right, Nied’s Hotel Band will back at the Amphitheater this Saturday from 6pm – 10 pm!  Come out and enjoy NHB, at the location, where it all started out!  Even better yet, not only will NHB be there to provide “Real Pittsburgh Rock”, special guest “Billy Hibbert will be on hand to share some acoustical talents!  This is going to be a night to CELEBRATE!  Not only do you have the return of NHB, but their long time “backstage” manager will be celebrating his 65th Birthday!  That’s right! Eugene “Cuz” Titus is celebrating his 65th!  Come out and wish Cousin Eugene a Happy Birthday!  If you are feeling generous, buy him a drink!  He is one of the many, behind the scenes, that make NHB events a success!  This is a night you do not want to miss!  Happy Birthday Cuz!  This one is for you!

nhb eugene 65