Nied's Hotel : In 1941 Paul Nied, entrepreneur, father, and husband bought a small yet charming old brick building on Butler Street, in a section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania known as Lawrenceville. It was, as it is today, known as Nied’s Hotel. Read More

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday : 7 AM to Midnight
Saturday : 7 AM to Close (Depends on band)
Sunday : Closed

Reservations, not necessary.

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Saturday Night – Ryan Cain and the Ables!

apr 21 nieds

Ryan Cain and the Ables played here in 2016 and they knocked us out with a “tour de force” performance that looked like, sounded like, and felt like a front row seat at the birth of Sun Records.
I call them “Scorchin’ Rockabilly from West Virginia,” but they do a lot more including, Classic Country, Honky Tonk, and Rock ‘n Roll.
I explained the “rules” to these nice Fellas: If yer gonna make all that racket in my “Game Room”…well, yer gonna have to let the Old Man sing a few with you.” They have happily complied and I can’t wait to sing and play with them! I may do a short solo set just to warm up the crowd a little.
If you’ve been waiting for the perfect night to come on down to Jim Nied’s Nied’s Hotel for some great live music, good food, refreshing beverages, and nice folks…well, Pilgrim…SATURDAY APRIL 21st IS YOUR NIGHT when Slim Forsythe and Nied’s Hotel proudly welcome: RYAN CAIN & THE ABLES!
*from Slim Forsythe’s FB page


st patricks day parade festival



Saturday, March 17th
Nied’s Hotel
5438 Butler Street (Lawrenceville)
PGH, PA 15201
Music starts EARLY at 2:00 PM FREE

Slim Forsythe, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Candy Mountain, Bass
Tricky Mannion, Fiddle
Steve Scuilli, Irish Flute & Whistle
Dennis Childers, Drums & Bodhran

At the show about 2/3rds of the set list will be Celtic material and the rest, a pleasing blend of Classic Country Western, Mountain Gospel, and Bluegrass. All shows are FREE. I wanted to get this news out to you now so you can mark your calendars and make plans in plenty of time.

Lookin’ forward to seeing you at one or more of these fine shows!


Friday Night – Karaoke!

Tonight at 7 p.m., Karaoke at Nied’s Hotel.

Get ready to croon!  Bust out the tones!  It’s Karaoke time at Nied’s Hotel!  Come on down and join in the fun!  Tonight will be a night where you can take the stage and show off your vocal talent!  Who knows who will be in the crowd?  Maybe a local talent scout?  Maybe one of our favorite Bands looking to add some talent?

If you take the stage, be assured the crowd will be joining in to help with the back up lyrics.  Only at Nied’s Hotel, do we have the pleasure of having an audience that has true Pittsburgh Spirit!  Yinz will be singing and laughing the whole night through!

See you there!

Saturday Night – King Fez!

king fezThis Saturday, at 8 pm. Live at Nied’s Hotel!

Middle East meets Middle West. It’s like “Rock” with “Belly Dance Beats”! Stretch your musical taste for something unique, enjoyable and new. PLUS….you’ll be mesmerized by an artful display of “Abdominal Articulation” at its finest!


“Breaking News”…… Slim Forsythe will be at the King Fez show Saturday night and has promised NOT to join the Belly Dancer! Although, with a little encouragement he might put a twang to the Sitar!

Where else can you find this type of entertainment, only at one of Lawrenceville’s Premiere Entertainment Venues, Nied’s Hotel!


feb 10 2018Mark your calendars now!  On February 10, 2018, from 7 pm – 11 pm, Nied’s Hotel is calling all Lovebirds!  Its the 10th annual “LoveFest!”  Join us for some great music, laughter, good friends, and delicious food!  There will be games, trivia, and prizes, along with a surprise guest or two!


Sweetheart of the Barricades

Jan 27 18 sweetheart of the BarricadesThis Saturday, January 27th, live and on stage at Nied’s Hotel is “Sweetheart of the Barricades!” They are a A Fem-Fronted Yinsurgent Country, Blues and Rock Trio (Sax, Guitar and Drums). They’ll be serving up great music with Love, Rage and Ranch Dressing!  Show starts at 8 P.M.  till 11 P.M.  Check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

Where else can you find live entertainment to enjoy your Saturday Night with “No Cover”?  No where else than at one of Lawrenceville’s Premiere Entertainment Venues, Nied’s Hotel!

Nied’s Hotel recognized by Pittsburgh Magazine

Our very own, Jim Nied, is recognized in an article in Pittsburgh Magazine, by Hal B. Klien.  The article is well written and recognizes 5 Pittsburghers that made their career path behind the bar.  The article provides some history and our beloved Jim and how he made his way to be the respected and loved proprietor of one of Lawrenceville’s Premiere Entertainment Venues.  If you have a moment and have not seen the article, click here to read the story in its entirety.

Where will you be on Friday Jan 12, 2018?

Longtime Crooner and Music Entertainer Extraordinaire, Slim Forsythe is going to be celebrating his 62nd Birthday.  Although, we had heard from a good source, Slim was given the opportunity to be celebrating in Europe, he opted to stay local instead.  According to our source, he said there is no other place to celebrate than one of the Premiere Entertainment Venues of Lawrenceville, Nied’s Hotel.  This was a very hard decision to make and there were many parties involved in creating this once in a lifetime event.  We were fortunate to get a media release wire from a local, famous radio network.  We will produce the report below, but before we do, we wanted to simplify the information to those that need to add this to their calendar:

Friday – January 12, 2018

7:00 P.M. – ?

One of the best parties to be held so far this year!

See Slim and Molly Alphabet in a duet for a Release Bash!

Media Release Below:


Music Industry spokespersons are refusing to comment publicly, but sources close to the negotiations, who spoke with the Slim Radio Network on condition of strict anonymity, have confirmed that the Keystone Kid, the Rose of Saint Kieran’s, Molly Alphabet, will drop by the Home of the Famous Fish Sandwich, Nied’s Hotel, to sing the NEW VINYL 45, B-Side duet with Slim, Down on My Knees at Nied’s Hotel Again.

After 72 hours of feverish negotiations, attorneys from both camps have reached “agreement in principle” on a deal that would grant Pittsburgh’s Tenth Ward Treasure a “one-night-only” contractual waiver to appear with Forsythe (and the Lily of the Laurel Highlands, Jane West) in the storied East Lawrenceville Barroom venue. Get Hip Recordings Owner, Gregg Kostelich, in a prepared statement to the media, crowed: “This is a Grand Slam! Thanks to everyone involved in the negotiations. A Molly Alphabet/Slim Forsythe duet is better than a vanilla milkshake with a side of provolone sticks!”

Date: Friday, January 12, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM
A-Side: The Ballad of Punxsutawney Phil
B-Side: Down on My Knees at Nied’s Hotel Again

Stay tuned for more on this breaking story including details of a rumored appearance of the Groundhog Himself!…

Dec 23rd – Surfin with Slim!

surfin christmas eve slim


Its Saturday before Christmas, all the gifts are wrapped.  Your ready to celebrate, but your a little early this year.  Why not head down to Nied’s Hotel and get your surf on!  That’s right, GET YOUR SURF ON!  I know it is cold outside, but only true Pittsburghers can party like summer in December.  Slim Forsythe and the Turbosonics are together again!  This time they are going to make you feel like there is sand at your feet, the sun shining on your face, and the tunes blasting.  The band starts at 7 pm.  Spend this Saturday at one of the Premiere Entertainment Venues in Lawrenceville, Nied’s Hotel!  Merry Christmas.

2nd Annual “A Pittsburgh Christmas”

Well since last years party was awesome, it’s back and even better!  Tonight – Friday night! from 8 pm to 11 pm, live at Nied’s Hotel, is the 2nd Annual “A Pittsburgh Christmas” with James Buckley.  This is the best way to get primed and ready for the Nied’s Hotel 76th Annual Christmas Party at Teamster Temple.

Twas the night before the Nied’s Christmas Party, and all through Lawrencville,

The bar was full of singers, crooning Christmas Carols at will;

There was Miss Freddye, Stevee, Cheryl, Donna O, and of course Slim,

James Buckley got them together, so hats off to him;

The Kazoos filled the air, with tunes from their heart,

The patrons sang along, and knew every part;

Christmas was in the air, waiting for Santa to complete his deeds,

Everyone will have a great time, thanks to Jim Nied’s;

So don’t forget to show up, at one of Lawrenceville’s premiere venues,

And join in the fun, if you miss out- you will lose!

bucky xmas2



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