Nied's Hotel : In 1941 Paul Nied, entrepreneur, father, and husband bought a small yet charming old brick building on Butler Street, in a section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania known as Lawrenceville. It was, as it is today, known as Nied’s Hotel. Read More

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday : 7 AM to Midnight
Saturday : 7 AM to Close (Depends on band)
Sunday : Closed

Reservations, not necessary.

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Friday May 15th,  8 PM   Free—Free—Free
Our favorite VJ will be spinning the tunes and making you a STAR!  Come on down and show us what you’ve got and enjoy the talents of other future Singing Entertainers!  Rumor has it that both Slim Forsythe and John Vento launched their “Hall of Fame” careers singing Karaoke in Neighborhood Saloons!


Saturday May 16th,   7 PM   FREE—FREE—FREE!
All the way from Canada, these Canadian Cowboys and Cowgirl will be paying tribute to Country AND Western Star RAY PRICE!  In the spirit of traditional Country Music the Rizdales will be sharing the stage with our own Hall of Fame Slim Forsythe and his friends Rick Malis of the “Mavens”, Molly Alphabet and our newest Country friend Charlie McVay.  Whatta Show this is going to be!!!!



Friday May 22nd,        8 PM   FREE—FREE—-FREE!
The Pittsburgh Blues Brothers….Jimmy Adler and Charlie Barath return to their Lawrenceville Home away from Home.  We love these guys so much we adopted them direct from the Home for Wayward Blues Boys!  No two Blues Bands are alike and Jimmy and Charlie stand out in a crowd.  Great guitar licks, soulful harmonica rifts and great lyrics make for an evening of musical escape from reality.  Check it out and see if you don’t feel you’re on another planet in the Blues Universe!


Saturday May 23rd     7 PM    FREE—FREE—FREE
We’re not bragging….We’re just saying…..Slim Forsythe is still riding the crest of America’s Old Time Country Music HALL OF FAME Wave!  This show is the official “Kick Off” Alpha event in the Nied’s Hotel Amphitheater Summer of 2015 concert series.  There’s no higher Cotton in Lawrenceville music circles than an Artist inducted into his Hall of Fame.  Join us as Slim hooks his wagon up to a great team of musicians known as the New Payday Loners!  Country AND Western music at a historical level!

Nied’s Day

Must have been a slow news day in Pittsburgh Saturday……But, it was a big news day for a little corner tavern in Lawrenceville!  I’d like to thank County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, State House Representative Dom Costa, and Allegheny County Communications Director Amie Downs  for their efforts in making this proclamation happen!  But, more importantly, I’d like to thank you, the rest of my family and friends and the best long time employees any business could have.  Truth be told my contribution is minimal to a 72 year run in business compared to the efforts of my Father and the nucleus of employees that I inherited.

Thank you all!

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On Tuesday August 13th, 2013 55th street in Lawrenceville was renamed Nied Way. This was to honor the Nied’s family and all their contributions to the community.

Paul Nied 1919 – 2012

Paul Nied earned the label “cheerleader” when he cheered for the Homestead High School football team, and he carried it through life.

The GIs with whom Nied fought on European battlefields during World War II and the customers who frequented his Lawrenceville bar considered him their biggest fan, his family said.

“Despite the fact that my father was wounded during the fighting around Cherbourg in France, he felt it was an experience that enriched his attitude on life,” said his son, Jim Nied of Lawrenceville.

“It gave him a sense of what is important in life, such as fighting alongside with men who put their lives and trust in him in times of danger.”

Paul W. Nied of Shaler, formerly of Lawrenceville, owner of Nied’s Hotel in Lawrence-ville, died on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, in ManorCare, Ross. He was 93.

“During the years Dad was involved with the 313th Infantry (79th Division) reunions, he would expound on the merits of giving your best for your country in times of war,” said his son, now owner of Nied’s Hotel.

“And many of Dad’s customers knew that he was there for them in a pinch if they were in need. If they were short of enough cash to buy lunch or needed money to buy groceries at home, he’d take care of the bills until they could catch up on payday.”

Paul Nied grew up in Homestead as one of two children of bar owner Ted Nied and his wife, Bertha Rogers Nied.

Mr. Nied received his undergraduate degree from Duquesne University after graduating from high school in 1938. He entered the Army during the war.

Upon his discharge in 1946, Mr. Nied joined his father in the Lawrenceville bar, and two years later married Marion Rybar.

“My father was … devoted to his Catholic faith and could be found during church fundraisers preparing the food to be sold,” said his son, a retired Army officer.

Mr. Nied’s wife, son Paul W. Nied Jr. and his sister, Rose Rybar, preceded him in death.

He will be dearly missed by all that came to know and love him.

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