Nied's Hotel : In 1941 Paul Nied, entrepreneur, father, and husband bought a small yet charming old brick building on Butler Street, in a section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania known as Lawrenceville. It was, as it is today, known as Nied’s Hotel. Read More

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday : 7 AM to Midnight
Saturday : 7 AM to Close (Depends on band)
Sunday : Closed

Reservations, not necessary.

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Where will you be on Friday Jan 12, 2018?

Longtime Crooner and Music Entertainer Extraordinaire, Slim Forsythe is going to be celebrating his 62nd Birthday.  Although, we had heard from a good source, Slim was given the opportunity to be celebrating in Europe, he opted to stay local instead.  According to our source, he said there is no other place to celebrate than one of the Premiere Entertainment Venues of Lawrenceville, Nied’s Hotel.  This was a very hard decision to make and there were many parties involved in creating this once in a lifetime event.  We were fortunate to get a media release wire from a local, famous radio network.  We will produce the report below, but before we do, we wanted to simplify the information to those that need to add this to their calendar:

Friday – January 12, 2018

7:00 P.M. – ?

One of the best parties to be held so far this year!

See Slim and Molly Alphabet in a duet for a Release Bash!

Media Release Below:


Music Industry spokespersons are refusing to comment publicly, but sources close to the negotiations, who spoke with the Slim Radio Network on condition of strict anonymity, have confirmed that the Keystone Kid, the Rose of Saint Kieran’s, Molly Alphabet, will drop by the Home of the Famous Fish Sandwich, Nied’s Hotel, to sing the NEW VINYL 45, B-Side duet with Slim, Down on My Knees at Nied’s Hotel Again.

After 72 hours of feverish negotiations, attorneys from both camps have reached “agreement in principle” on a deal that would grant Pittsburgh’s Tenth Ward Treasure a “one-night-only” contractual waiver to appear with Forsythe (and the Lily of the Laurel Highlands, Jane West) in the storied East Lawrenceville Barroom venue. Get Hip Recordings Owner, Gregg Kostelich, in a prepared statement to the media, crowed: “This is a Grand Slam! Thanks to everyone involved in the negotiations. A Molly Alphabet/Slim Forsythe duet is better than a vanilla milkshake with a side of provolone sticks!”

Date: Friday, January 12, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM
A-Side: The Ballad of Punxsutawney Phil
B-Side: Down on My Knees at Nied’s Hotel Again

Stay tuned for more on this breaking story including details of a rumored appearance of the Groundhog Himself!…

Dec 23rd – Surfin with Slim!

surfin christmas eve slim


Its Saturday before Christmas, all the gifts are wrapped.  Your ready to celebrate, but your a little early this year.  Why not head down to Nied’s Hotel and get your surf on!  That’s right, GET YOUR SURF ON!  I know it is cold outside, but only true Pittsburghers can party like summer in December.  Slim Forsythe and the Turbosonics are together again!  This time they are going to make you feel like there is sand at your feet, the sun shining on your face, and the tunes blasting.  The band starts at 7 pm.  Spend this Saturday at one of the Premiere Entertainment Venues in Lawrenceville, Nied’s Hotel!  Merry Christmas.

2nd Annual “A Pittsburgh Christmas”

Well since last years party was awesome, it’s back and even better!  Tonight – Friday night! from 8 pm to 11 pm, live at Nied’s Hotel, is the 2nd Annual “A Pittsburgh Christmas” with James Buckley.  This is the best way to get primed and ready for the Nied’s Hotel 76th Annual Christmas Party at Teamster Temple.

Twas the night before the Nied’s Christmas Party, and all through Lawrencville,

The bar was full of singers, crooning Christmas Carols at will;

There was Miss Freddye, Stevee, Cheryl, Donna O, and of course Slim,

James Buckley got them together, so hats off to him;

The Kazoos filled the air, with tunes from their heart,

The patrons sang along, and knew every part;

Christmas was in the air, waiting for Santa to complete his deeds,

Everyone will have a great time, thanks to Jim Nied’s;

So don’t forget to show up, at one of Lawrenceville’s premiere venues,

And join in the fun, if you miss out- you will lose!

bucky xmas2



Buy your tickets here! Click Here

Christmas Party right around the corner!

Can you believe that the Christmas Party is almost Here!!  It is not this Saturday, but the following.  Did you buy your tickets yet?  Well if you are a procrastinator and still need your tickets, now is your chance!  Click Here to get them from Ticket Tomato!  Here is your chance to save $5 and get your tickets for $15!  If you wait to buy them at the door, the fee will be $20.  Why not buy the ticket for the reduced price and donate the other five to a good cause!  Whether you get your ticket at the door or buy it in advance, one thing is for sure – The 76th Annual Nied’s Hotel Christmas Party will be the place to be on Saturday December 16, 2017!  No place can party like one of Lawrenceville’s Premiere Entertainment Venues, Nied’s Hotel!

76th Annual Christmas Party

christmas poster nieds

Thanksgiving is almost Here!

On behalf of the staff and family of Nied’s Hotel, we want to wish you and your family -



Alzheimers Web-A-Thon

webathonThis Tuesday, November 7th from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Join James Buckley as he MC’s and broadcast a “Facebook Live” Web-A-Thon from Nied’s Hotel….there will be some great musicians coming to Nied’s to play this Web-A-Thon which will be broadcasted on Facebook Live.

We will be asking people to donate to the Facebook Fundraiser set up by Nick Zannit as we continue to Raise Money For Alzheimer’s Association in memory of Aggie Zannit.

Tune in at 7pm on Tuesday Nov. 7th to Facebook to watch the show and share this with your friends so we can be entertained by local musicians for a great cause…more info will be coming on the performers and other details…..just click “Going” if you are planning on watching the Web-A-Thon.

James Buckley
Nick Zannit
John Vento
Alaina Vento
Tim Hadley

Nied’s Hotel Fire

In case you heard of a fire at Nied’s Hotel, we wanted to provide information to our customers and followers.  Yes, the Neon Sign caught on fire and the fire department was called.  We want to make sure that everyone knows, Nied’s Hotel was not damaged, nor was any of our customers or employees!  If you are going to have a bad situation occur, you want to make sure that none of the people around were harmed.  We are very thankful that no one was hurt or harmed!  Please know, We are Open for Business!

Thank you

Saturday the 14th – Texas Tex…

This Saturday, live from the Nieds Hotel Amphitheater, starting at 7 p.m. “Texas Tex Honky Tonk Project will bring Country back to Lawrenceville!  We’ll be Rockin’ and Rollin’ Country- Style!  Bust out your boots, jeans, and Ten-Gallon’ hats for some “Toe-tappin”, “Two-steppin”, and hopefully “Line-dancin”  Where else will you find this type of Country music, other than at one of the premiere entertainment venues in Lawrenceville, Nied’s Hotel.  Come on out Pardners, and throwback a cold-one, while you enjoy the music!

Friday the 13th! – Adler and Barath Blues Band

This Friday the 13th, Blues fills the air of this spooky night!  The Adler & Barath Blues Band will Put a Spell on You this Friday the 13th, but there won’t be nothin’ but Good Mojo goin’ down at Nied’s Hotel, you can bet your Bones on that!

Backed by Bob Insko‘s Big Bass Fiddle and Gordon Grottenthaler‘s Magic Sticks, Jimmy and Charlie will be filling the night with some authentic, Old-School Blues and Boogie, swingin’ right into your hearts!
We’ll be Breakin’ Mirrors, Steppin’ on Cracks, Walkin’ under Ladders, Kickin’ Black Cats and Runnin’ with Scissors to prove that WE AIN’T SCAIRT!
(Although it IS bad luck if you don’t get a Fish Sandwich from Jim Nied!)

Some come on down to One of Lawrenceville’s Premiere Entertainment Venues – Nied’s Hotel!